The acquisition will see all 40 HyPoint team members integrated into ZeroAvia, working across its Kemble, Gloucstershire, UK R&D location, and HyPoint’s location in Sandwich, Kent.

According to the companies, they have worked closely together in co-developing and testing high-temperature PEM (HTPEM) fuel cell technology as part of ZeroAvia’s powertrain development over recent years, seeing HyPoint relocate to the UK in 2022 to support the partnership.

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H2 View understands Alex Ivanenko, CEO of HyPoint will join ZeroAvia as General Manager for VTOL and New Segments to develop ZeroAvia’s rotorcraft business applications, as well as exploring other applications outside of the company’s core fixed-wing commercial aviation focus.

Additionally, all of HyPoint’s engineering team are set to join ZeroAvia’s Power Generation Systems (PGS) division, led by Rudolf Coertze, Chief Technical Officer for Hydrogen, combining two sets of fuel cell researchers and engineers.

Val Miftakhov, CEO and founder of ZeroAvia, said, “We see this as a significant forward step for ZeroAvia, and a hugely important strategic step to strengthen our leadership position in hydrogen-electric powertrain development for aviation.

“This acquisition, together with our long-standing partnership with the leading LTPEM (low-temperature PEM) fuel cell maker PowerCell, puts us in the top position for delivering the most environmentally and economically attractive solution to aviation’s growing climate impact.”

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Alex Ivanenko, commented, “This acquisition is the natural next chapter in our journey, allowing us to tap into the benefits of the larger and strategic resources that ZeroAvia has to offer. It will accelerate our product development and, as a result, partners from different market segments will get mature products based on novel turbo-air cooled HTPEM hydrogen fuel cells.”


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