The Linde subsidiary is the ‘first company’ to produce green hydrogen on an industrial scale in South America, with its plant producing 156 tonnes of green hydrogen per year.

The certificate was awarded by TÜV Rheinland following a process involving the collection of technical documentation, analysis and audits over a period of around three months.

TÜV Rheinland completed a comprehensive overview of the production process, and reviewed the provided data for completeness and consistency with established standards, in this case the new ‘H2.21 Green and Low-Carbon Hydrogen Standard.’

Gilney Bastos, President of Linde-White Martins in South America, said, “Our expectation is that this is the first certification of many that we intend to have in our region in the coming years.

“Decarbonisation is a priority for the company.”

White Martins announced last year it had signed a preliminary agreement with the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex (CIPP) to support the hydrogen hub situated 60km from Fortaleza, Brazil.

The port complex will be built by Australia’s Enegix Energy following an investment of $5.4bn to develop the hub with White Martins.

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The plant produces green hydrogen via electrolysis of water, using only electricity from renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power.

Luiz Carvalho, Regional Sales Manager South America of TÜV Rheinland Industrial Services, commented, “The goal of using green hydrogen is decarbonisation and improved sustainability.

“Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the energy has a renewable origin.”

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