Verdagy has launched its three-cell 500kW commercial electrolyser module at its Moss Landing, California, pilot plant, which it says incorporates the ‘largest AEM’s in world’, at 28,500cm2

H2 View understands, the three 28,500cm2 cells in the module can produce hydrogen at 3kg/hour per cell, which Verdagy says represents industry-leasing current density operations that are higher than traditional alkaline electrolysers.

Ahead of the launch of the commercial cell, the company said it conducted a 1,000-hour long run on a 20kW 3,200cm2 cell in a production environment, demonstrating durability and minimising risk as it scaled up.

Both the launch of its commercial electrolyser and test run come as significant milestones as Verdagy plans to launch its 20MW eDynamic™ product in its mission to produce cost-effective hydrogen for industry at scale.

Last Thursday (September 15), Verdagy won the IMPACT Technology of the Year category at the Hydrogen Impact Investment Award 2022, which recognised the company’s ambitions to supply large-scale green hydrogen to decarbonise heavy industry.

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