North Carolina State University (NCSU), announced on Monday (May 23), that its researchers have developed a new, faster, cheaper and more efficient technique of extracting hydrogen from liquid carriers.

The newly developed technique applies a reusable photocatalyst and sunlight to extract hydrogen gas from its liquid carrier quickly and using less rhodium than existing techniques.

In the prototype reactor, the researchers were able to achieve a 99% yield, meaning that 99% of the hydrogen molecules were released from the liquid carrier, in three hours, the university claims.

Milad Abolhasani, Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at NC State, and research author, said, “Previous research has shown that it is possible to use photocatalysts to release hydrogen gas from a liquid carrier using only sunlight.

“However, existing techniques for doing this were laborious, time consuming and required a significant amount of rhodium.”

The researchers have claimed that their reactor only requires 0.025% rhodium, in comparison to conventional batch reactors which need 1%.

NCSU says a key success of the technique is that it is a ‘continuous-flow’ reactor. Hydrogen-carrying liquid is pumped into one end of a tube, filled with grains of titanium oxide, some of which are coated with rhodium which lines the outer part of the tube.

The grains react with sunlight and the liquid carrier to release hydrogen gas. NCSU says the researchers engineered the system so that only the outer gains are coated with rhodium, to ensure the system uses as little rhodium as possible.

The flow system can run continuously for up to 72 hours before its efficiency decreases, where the catalyst can be cleaned within six hours before the system can restart.

H2 View understands NCSU has filed a provisional patent for the technology.

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