The GreenNH3 project in partnership with ScottishPower and ProtonVentures has secured approximately £146,000 ($181,000), from the Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), for Phase One of the project.

Powered by renewable energy, Supercritical’s proprietary high-pressure electrolyser, hydrogen will be delivered without the need for gas compressors. Proton Ventures’ NFuel unit will then use the green hydrogen to combine it will nitrogen to produce ammonia.

Nitish Gadgil, Project Manager at Proton Ventures, said, “Proton Ventures is proud and excited to partner up with Supercritical and ScottishPower for this innovative GreeNH3 project.

“Our modular NFuel unit produces green ammonia, which is the most promising green hydrogen carrier, and we strongly believe that this study contributes in kickstarting the green hydrogen economy.”


It is hoped that using greener ammonia production will reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels, as well as stabilising energy costs for industry.

ScottishPower who are already exploring the export of green hydrogen and ammonia through the Scot2Ger, are set to operate the pilot facility

Barry Carruthers, Hydrogen Director at ScottishPower, said, “Innovative solutions like this are driving forward the clean fuels revolution, bringing green hydrogen and ammonia to markets that may not have realised there is a greener alternative, giving them a chance to do their bit for Net Zero.

“We’re looking forward to working with our partners on this study and hopefully demonstrating a more sustainable, cost-efficient way of producing ammonia.”

The GreeNH3 project comes as part of the UK Government’s Net Zero Innovation Portfolio Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 competition with up to £6m ($7.44m) available in Phase Two subject to a competitive tender process.


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