Hoped to be operation by March 2025 at the Port of Tyne, UK, the novel station plans to use liquid hydrogen as a basis for three fuelling options to power small crafts: liquid hydrogen, compressed gaseous hydrogen, and electric charging.

H2 View understands, the pilot project will focus on developing a solution to fuel vessels under 24 metres, however, the consortium has said the ZEMFS is “fully scalable” to fuel any size vessel and is adaptable to any port.

The consortium, comprising ACUA Ocean, Zero Emissions Maritime Technology (ZEMTech), the University of Strathclyde, with support from MJR Power & Automation, Orkney College UHI, and the Port of Tyen, is led by Unitrove which in 2021 announced it would deliver a liquid hydrogen bunkering facility for zero-emission shipping.

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Unitrove has said the project has won “thousands of pounds” from the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition Round 2 (CMDC2) funded by the Department for Transport (DfT) which allocated over £14m ($15.9m) to 31 projects to deliver feasibility studies and collaborative research and development projects in clean maritime solutions.

Steven Lua, CEO of Unitrove, commented, “Winning this grant is fantastic news for the consortium, and it is an excellent opportunity to help kick-start the development of a new world-first zero-emission multi-fuel station for hydrogen and electric vessels.

“The maritime industry is responsible for a significant proportion of pollutants associated with climate change and reduced air quality, and a zero-emission multi-fuel station that can power boats running either hydrogen or electricity is expected to play a significant part in reducing these emissions.”

Madadh MacLaine, CEO of ZEMTech, said, “The foundation of this project is the delivery of true zero emission clean fuels to the maritime industry. This pilot is for vessels under 24 metres, but ZEMFS is fully scalable to any size vessel, and adaptable to any type of port infrastructure.

“ZEMTech anticipates that the ZEMFS concept will form a foundational building block in maritime shipping’s true zero emissions future, placing UK companies solidly at the forefront of the energy transition in maritime shipping.”

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