The companies have said the MoU provides framework to work together on the identification and assessment of green hydrogen projects, currently under development by Total Eren to use Provaris’ GH2 Carries for the transport of compressed hydrogen.

H2 View understands the scope of the companies’ cooperation includes the identification and assessment of:

Opportunities for the import of hydrogen into Europe and Asia using Provaris’ GH2 Carriers
Opportunities for a bulk compressed hydrogen storage solution utilising design concepts developed by Provaris for a floating storage

Figure 1: Illustration of a Provaris’ GH2 Carrier ‘H2Neo’ and conceptual Compressed H2 Floating Storage

Provaris’ GH2 Carrier, currently under development is being eyed as a solution to help the transport of hydrogen across vast distances, with hopes of unlocking the global hydrogen economy.

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Total Eren is currently working on several large-scale green hydrogen projects globally, including in South America, Australia, and in Africa.

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According to the partners, project opportunities for further technical and commercial feasibility have been identified. Subject to the outcomes of each project feasibility, key terms would be agreed on the participation of each party.

Commenting on the agreement, Martin Carolan, Managing Director and CEO of Provaris Energy, said, “Total Eren is an ambitious renewable energy company with a global portfolio of green hydrogen projects under development for import into markets that include Europe and Asia.

“Our discussions with Total Eren over time have identified a strong alignment on the commercial and technical benefits of compression for the storage and transport of hydrogen, and we look forward to a closer relationship to facilitate and accelerate the delivery of the first fleet of GH2 Carriers.”

Unlocking regional hydrogen transport – Energy efficient integrated shipping and port solution

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Recent geopolitical instability and energy security fears are accelerating hydrogen adoption, bringing forward large-scale demand, and increasing the need for efficient shipping of hydrogen in gaseous, liquid or chemical state – and the need to deliver the hydrogen to customers in a ‘ready to use’ state.

Australian public company Provaris Energy Ltd (Provaris) is now executing a development programme to be the market-leading provider of compressed hydrogen by sea from Australia to the high-demand hubs in Southeast Asia, and supply sources located within mid-range shipping distance of the major ports in Europe, connecting to the key industrial hubs seeking supply in order to meet their decarbonisation goals.

“The development of an efficient way to load, store, and transport hydrogen by sea, and to discharge and distribute the hydrogen at the receiving port, is key to connecting low-cost supply with markets short on domestic supply,” commented Martin Carolan, Managing Director of Provaris Energy.

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