Coming as its largest truck platform to date, its 19-tonne model comes as a milestone for the company, which it claims highlights the scalability of its technology.

As with its 7.5-tonne hydrogen-electric model, launched in June (2022), the new, larger variant combines lithium-ion batteries and a hydrogen fuel cell range extender, which Tevva believes will offer a range of up to 500km.

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The company revealed it is partnering with customers including Kinaxia Logistics, Codognott, and FM Logistic, to offer its 7-19 tonne hydrogen truck solutions, designed for the European market.

To meet growing demand for decarbonised transport in Europe, Tevva has said it is investing in and partnering with stakeholders along the hydrogen value chain to develop a turn-key solution to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen-powered trucks.

Having started production of its trucks at its UK facility, the company said work is underway for a second facility in mainland Europe to double manufacturing capacity to 6,000 trucks per year, by 2024.

H2 View understands Tevva is targeting customers in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Benelux, before expanding its reach further across Europe, North American, and the Middle East.

Asher Bennet, founder and CEO of Tevva, said,  “Tevva’s momentum continues. We have already rolled out two 7.5t truck models in the last year and now we are unveiling our 19t hydrogen-electric truck offering.

“The 19-tonne truck market is a huge and exciting opportunity for Tevva in Europe. We have created a truly differentiated product and service offering to complement the needs of our European customers. We have already received significant interest for the 19-tonne model and look forward to collaborating with our customers and industry partners to create a pan-European fleet electrification ecosystem.

“We are on a mission to make sustainable trucks accessible at scale and believe our technology will empower the transport sector and the governments of Europe to meet their Net Zero goals. By embracing hydrogen, we can rethink the energy mix in transport, reduce strain on our electricity grid and accelerate electric truck adoption. Through Tevva, the future is within range.”

Alfonso Lopez, Transport Director at FM Logistics, commented, “FM Logistic are proud to collaborate with Tevva in this project. Both companies share ambitions of innovation and sustainability that in the medium term will lead to great projects in Europe. Supply chain is an essential link in our globalised world.”

Matteo Codognotto, Marketing & Innovation Group Director at Codognotto, added, “The decarbonisation of the transport stands out among the objectives of the EU, which is pushing for alternative solutions to traditional technologies and fuels – core activities within the Codognotto Innovation Team.

“We will reach the goal of zero-emission transport only thanks to a strong synergy between the public and private sectors: we are ready to make some important investments, but we need the support in terms of public funding and adequate infrastructures to use sustainable heavy-duty vehicles on our roads.”

Simon Hobbs, Chief Executive of Kinaxia Logistics, said, “As a large and growing transport organisation, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our environmental performance, in particular with regard to carbon dioxide emissions.

“We are very grateful to Tevva for providing this opportunity and we are excited to test the truck and explore this option further. It’s been a pleasure being involved in the project and working alongside the Tevva team. We wish them every success with the launch of the vehicle.”


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