The Estonian company, which aims to accelerate wider industrial adoption of green hydrogen, said its Gateway products (01, 02, 04, 08 and 10) reduce the levelised cost of hydrogen through proprietary design and 30-bar pressure, eliminating the need for multiple stages of hydrogen compressors and lowering overall costs. The top end ’10’ model can produce a hydrogen hourly production rate of 2,000 Nm3/h and daily production rate of 4,320kg.

Rainer Kungas, CTO of Stargate, said it employs alkaline technology which is “commercially proven and reliable”. Orders come with a 10-year warranty along with a service contract.

He said, “We believe that there is considerable untapped potential in alkaline technology and that alkaline electrolysers are the most viable and affordable solution for decarbonisation of the so-called hard-to-abate industries such as ammonia synthesis, refining, glass and paper production.”

Priit Koit, CEO of Utilitas Group, which is developing the first green hydrogen full value chain project in Estonia, said, “We have identified that there is a great need for high-efficiency electrolysers that can be tailored to meet customers’ needs.” First Gateway deliveries are expected early 2023.