Unveiled in March 2021, the plan would see a 200MW hydrogen power station, 250Mwe capacity of hydrogen electrolysers and a hydrogen storage facility developed.

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Under the plan, the Malinauskas Labour Government hopes to create 300 jobs during the construction of the power plant, with an additional 10,000 jobs in the pipeline of renewable energy projects, and 900 jobs through the hydrogen export industry.

It is hoped that the design and construction of this pioneering project will accelerate South Australia’s green hydrogen industry, unlocking a A$20bn ($13.89bn) pipeline of renewable energy projects, as the state pushes to meet its Net Zero carbon emission targets.

The recently re-elected, the Peter Malinauskas-led, Labour Government will review submissions to inform future procurement processes and final site selection for the project.

Speaking in 2021, Peter Malinauskas, Premier of South Australia, said, “As we move into the post-Covid recovery phase, South Australia needs a vision which will set our state up for the future. My Hydrogen Jobs Plan will attract new industry to South Australia and generate well-paid, full-time jobs for South Australians.”

“Hydrogen is central to the world’s energy future – it’s cleaner, it’s cheaper and South Australia is uniquely positions to become a world leader, with our abundant wind and solar resources.”

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