With the inking of a new agreement today (Jan 13), the duo said they will work together to implement specific infrastructure and metals production system, which utilise green hydrogen, in industrial plants.

The duo’s work is expected to last three years, in which time they hope to substantially find ways to reduce carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions in the metals production process.

Cosma Panzacchi, Executive Vice-President of Hydrogen at Snam, said, “Through this agreement we further develop our network of partners and projects to introduce green hydrogen into the relevant productive processes of the metals industry.

“Hydrogen is essential to cut emissions from the production of steel and other metals, as well as from all hard-to-abate sectors such as cement, ceramic, chemistry and refining. Snam is willing to contribute through its technologies and know-how by enabling, as fast as possible, the hydrogen transition of such crucial commodity chains for the Italian economy.”

Under terms of the agreement, Snam will provide its expertise in hydrogen technologies as well as transport, whereas Tenova will contribute through its know-how in this sector, more specifically in combustion systems for reheating and heating treatment, and in electric arc furnaces.

Roberto Pancaldi, CEO of Tenova, added, “Everyone talks about green hydrogen, but the reality is that its supply and use are still limited, and, at the same time, pressures to mitigate climate change are getting stronger. For this reason, we are developing a ready-to-use solution for our customers, directly at their production sites.

“The expertise of Snam and Tenova is complementary, and together we are ready to face the challenge of decarbonisation, on which Tenova has been working for years thanks to solutions that make us the ideal technological partners to improve environmental performances without compromising the economic ones.”


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