LEONHARD WEISS has received the H2Genset to supply zero-emission power for its office containers, sanitary facilities, and construction machinery at a site in Durlesbach, Germany.

According to SFC, its H2Genset has offered the construction firm with the ability to provide emission-free, low noise, and mobile power for undeveloped sites, all while requiring minimal maintenance.

H2 View understands the hydrogen generator can offer a reduction of 91.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year when compared to a 10kW diesel generator.

Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy, commented, “The use of the H2Genset on the construction site shows how uncomplicated, useful and sustainable our multiple award-winning products are, even under extreme conditions. Hardly any maintenance work, no carbon dioxide emissions and noise-free operation are a perfect fit for the ‘green construction site of the future’. Thus, we make a significant contribution in the global race to zero”

In October (2022), SFC’s development partner of the H2Genset, TEST-FUCHS, won a Lower Austria innovation award for the hydrogen-powered generator.

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Tobias Schroth, Machine Technology Employee at LEONHARD WEISS, said, “We need a lot of energy to realise our construction sites. We welcome alternatives like the H2Genset to reduce our carbon footprint and to make our work on construction sites more sustainable, innovative and quiet.”


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