Utah-headquartered LiveView Technologies (LVT), has ordered around 2,300 EFOY fuel cells for use in mobile surveillance technology, building off previous orders for more than 1,100 fuel cells in 2021, and another 600 in May this year (2022).

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Once delivered in 2024, the customer’s orders will form an installed base of around 5,000 EFOY fuel cells in the US market. SFC unveiled the new EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell 2.5 in July 2021.

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According to SFC Energy, the fuel cells will be used in LVT’s surveillance trailers, providing low-carbon energy supply for camera surveillance in supermarket parking lots.

Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy, “The renewed order from LiveView Technologies is further evidence of customer satisfaction with our fuel cell solutions. LVT is our fastest growing customer and represents continued high demand and momentum in the market for clean energy generators.

“With this major order, we have reached a milestone and are now in the best possible position to establish our own presence in the US. The expansion of our US business is an essential part of our expansion strategy and the logical consequence of our success in this important market.”

David Studdert, Chief Business Development Officer at LiveView Technologies, commented, “We are fully committed to EFOY fuel cells. Through their commitment, we gain a sustainable unique selling proposition and can offer our customers tailor-made solutions for the highest demands and thus something that is unique in the market.”


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