Powered by hydrogen fuel cells and an electric battery pack, and combined with automated and retractable foils, the SeaBubble’s range is 50 nautical miles (90km), sailing at 18 knots.

The 12-passenger vessel can be recharged in four minutes, with 3×3.2kg of hydrogen at 350 bars.

Virginie Seurat, General Manager, SeaBubbles, said the mobility sector, which accounts for more than a third of worldwide emissions, is currently shifting towards more responsible solutions.

She said, “We are supporting the energy transition in our sector by offering a new cleaner and more energy-efficient type of watercraft that uses foils and hydrogen.”

In spring 2023, SeaBubbles will unveil the first pilot line and the real-life test phases will begin.

A life-size version was recently displayed at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Last month Nippon Express Italia launched an eco-friendly delivery service in Venice, Italy, that uses hydrogen-powered boats, equipped with removable hydrogen generators.

The European Union has set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% from 1990 levels no later than 2030, and companies operating within the EU are accelerating their decarbonisation efforts.