H2 View understands the funding from the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will enable research that could see organic matter in food waste, manure, wastewater, and other biodegradable wastes converted into hydrogen.

Set to use a sequence of biological, thermochemical, and electrochemical stages to maximise the conversion to hydrogen, the project will consist of four main reaction stages: dark fermentation, anaerobic digestion, plasma reforming, and steam gasification.

In addition to the Scottish university’s team, the project will see the involvement of Cranfield University in England, and the University of Verona in Italy as partners.

Prof. Davide Dionisi, Project Lead from the University of Aberdeen’s School of Engineering, said, “Hydrogen is a key energy vector in the energy transition, and generating hydrogen from organic waste would achieve the combined benefits of reducing environmental pollution and of generating green sustainable energy.

“So far there is no commercial process that produces hydrogen from organic waste, but our proposed process combines waste treatment with energy generation and can be entirely powered from renewable electricity, thereby providing a more sustainable alternative to other processes for hydrogen production from non-renewable and renewable resources.”

“I am delighted that our research has been recognised by the UK Government as being among the most promising in the UK in terms of delivering a sustainable hydrogen-producing process at a commercial scale.

“The project may move the proposed process closer to commercialisation, with the ultimate impact of reducing the energy consumption, land and water requirements of green hydrogen production in the UK and globally.”

The BEIS’ Hydrogen BECCS programme announced funding of up to £250,000 ($303,850) in funding to 22 organisations to support the development of technologies to produce hydrogen generated via BECCS.

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