NZTC today (October 13) revealed the funding from Government’s Just Transition Fund (JTF) will support the delivery of its Hydrogen Offshore Production Project (HOP2) which seeks to demonstrate if offshore hydrogen production and storage at a scale of 500MW to 1GW utilising existing oil and gas assets is feasible.

H2 View understands HOP2 will also outline what a new build project for offshore hydrogen production could deliver within the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS).

It is hoped the project will contribute to sustaining and creating jobs associated with the future Scottish hydrogen economy and utilise Scottish wind resources to deliver 65TWh of hydrogen.

The report follows on from the NZTC led Offshore Hydrogen Production Project, funded by the 2018 UK Government Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply competition.

Additionally, NZTC intends for the project to build off recommendations made in the Technology Driving Green Energy Growth report from the Technology Leadership Board, NZTC, and Accenture, which suggested an infrastructure plan should be established for the transport, transmission, storage, and management of energy carriers such as hydrogen and ammonia, enabling existing infrastructure to be better utilised.

Myrtle Dawes, Solution Centre Director, Net Zero Technology Centre, commented, “We are delighted that NZTC’s Hydrogen Offshore Production Project (HOP2) has been awarded funding from Scottish Government’s Just Transition Fund.

“From enabling rapid scale up of hydrogen infrastructure to leveraging North-East skills and creating new jobs, the HOP2 project will accelerate Scotland’s decarbonisation goals and put it on the map as a leader in hydrogen production, distribution and export.”


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