One such company providing the backbone in which to allow fuel cells to flourish is Rheinmetall who today (March 11), has revealed that it is to supply two manufacturers with over 300,000 cathode-side valve flaps with full scale production expected in 2023 from Berlin, Germany.

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According to the company, the valve systems regulate the flow of fresh and exhaust air mass streams and insulate the fuel cell stacks on the cathode side at the inlet and outlet points from the ambient atmosphere.

Rheinmetall has also said that achieved through a special design, the system’s very low leakage has been successfully proven.

This could boost the hydrogen fuel cell industry by optimising the technology and further decarbonise several hard-to-abate sectors such as mobility and power generation.

In optimising the technology, hydrogen fuel cells could then become more attractive investments for companies looking decarbonise their operations.

This could thus see a surge in the adoption of fuel cells and with mass-production of these valves scheduled for 2023, this could certainly support fuel cell companies in the future.

The technology also has operating times of up to 12,000 hours and new generations could attain a service life of at least 30,000 hours in commercial vehicles, maritime and stationary applications further incentivising investments in hydrogen fuel cells.

Making hydrogen happen

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