The initial project, announced on Monday (May 16), will establish a regional waste-to-hydrogen facility in Western Australia, with the intention of building additional facilities in remote and regional areas.

The MoU kickstarts a collaborative relationship between the two companies for the development of a hydrogen and synthetic fuels production network to the country.

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Gevolve Solutions will support local Indigenous-owned businesses and workforces by providing the development, planning and regulatory approvals, procurement, local fabrication, and construction services for the waste-to-hydrogen sites.

Matt Murdock, CEO of Raven SR, said,“As Raven SR continues to expand globally with our non-combustion renewable hydrogen process, we are excited for our venture into Australia through our partnership with Gevolve Solutions.

“We respect its community values and emphasis on the importance of environmental responsibility and energy independence.

“Our scalable waste-to-energy design will provide for local production and local use across Australia and beyond.”

Raven SR’s process can produce other renewable energy products that help lower emissions, such as synthetic liquid fuels, additives and solvents, electricity via microturbines, and sustainable aviation fuel.

Benny Eggmolesse, Chairperson and Director of Gevolve Solutions, commented, “Gevolve believes that the success of delivering a greener future tomorrow comes with our ability to collaborate and share innovation today. We seek to ensure the protection and preservation of our land, people, and culture.

“We are truly blessed to partner with Raven SR, who has led with great determination and action to advance technology that will revolutionise how we manage waste across the planet and complement what we are doing to reduce our carbon-emissions in Australia.”