The mobile hydrogen storage and transportation solution could be crucial in the scaling of the hydrogen industry by providing a method in order to cost-competitively move hydrogen from location to location.

This is crucial it can deliver the clean energy carrier to off grid locations and support growth in the renewable energy space.

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Robert Mount, Founder, President & CEO of Renewable Innovations, said, “Quantum has over 20 years of Hydrogen experience and are now on the cutting edge of looking at power generation and backup power applications in addition to their speciality in mobile applications.

“We look forward to working with Quantum to grow and improve Hydrogen infrastructure for application and on-site storage, as well as refuelling and transport.”

Mark Arold, President of Quantum Fuel Systems, said, “Renewable Innovations is known for bold thinking and making an impact.

“They have moved beyond imagining what a green clean future powered by hydrogen looks like and are building it today and we are excited to provide the mobile hydrogen capacity for this project and look forward to working together as strategic partners for future projects.”


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