Dubbed the HEVO-chain, the PEM electrolyser builds off the company’s proprietary HEVO architecture which it says allows the system to operate at higher efficiencies compared to traditional cell-stack, at approximately 49kWh/kg of hydrogen.

Made up of 16 HEVO micro-electrolysers, the HEVO-Chain is said to offer 11.2kW of electrolysis capacity, outputting 5.6kg of hydrogen per day at a pressure of four bar. Fusion Fuel has said it is already planning a second-generation unit which it expects to increase the outlet pressure to 20-30 bar, with additional improvements.

With plans for the first units to enter commercial use in 2024, Fusion Fuel has said, as with its HEVO-Solar units, the HEVO-Chain has been designed with modularity and scalability in mind, designed for a standard 19” rack cabinet, which the company said will allow for up to eight units to be integrated alongside power electronics and water purification system.

Speaking to H2 View in August (2022), Fusion Fuel described its HEVO-Solar technology as, “a miniature PEM electrolyser with an integrated CPV system, allowing an entire package of off-grid, decentralised green hydrogen production.”

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“We are extremely excited to introduce the HEVO-Chain, an innovation which represents the culmination of more than two years of hard work by our R&D and engineering teams,” said Jaime Siva, Chief Technology Officer of Fusion Fuel. “Building on the radically different concept of allowing each membrane to operate independently and having multiple electrochemical cells in simultaneous operation, the system is engineered to operate with lower power requirements and cheaper power systems than existing solutions.”

Frederico Figueira de Chaves, Co-Head of Fusion Fuel, added, “The HEVO-Chain is proof that our modular approach – combining many units, manufactured in highly efficient, automated production processes – is the key to driving down capital costs for centralised PEM systems. This radically different approach only further differentiates Fusion Fuel from the rest of the market.”

Earlier this month (November 2022), the company announced it had completed the interconnection of its 15 tonne per day green hydrogen plant to Portugal’s electric grid and had successfully commissioned the facility.

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Zach Steele, Co-Head of Fusion Fuel, commented, “In conjunction with the HEVO-Solar – our fully integrated, off-grid solar-to-hydrogen generator – we are now positioned to deliver green hydrogen solutions for every customer in every market.

“This solution is infinitely scalable, able to operate as a single HEVO-Chain unit or multi-megawatt containerised solution. With the addition of the HEVO-Chain, we now can offer a full-suite of best-in-class electrolyser solutions designed to meet any size demand, capable of using any source of renewable electricity, and in any geography around the globe.”


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