Awarded to Swietelsky Rail Benelux, the strip is set to accommodate pipes belonging to HyTransPort.TRM and Porthos for the movement of hydrogen and CO2 respectively.

H2 View understands the HyTransPort.RTM hydrogen pipeline is planned to be open access for any company looking to consume or supply hydrogen. According to the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Shell have already signed up to use the pipeline, which will offtake hydrogen from the much-anticipated Holland Hydrogen I electrolyser.

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The Port of Rotterdam Authority is looking to reduce its carbon emissions by 55% by 2030, and reach carbon neutrality by 2050 in line with EU targets. It has said that ongoing projects forming energy transition pillars will combine hydrogen and biofuel production to reduce carbon emissions by 23 million tonnes.

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In May this year (2022), the Port of Rotterdam Authority presented plans to European Commissioner, Frans Timmermans, that would see the port supplying the continent with 4.6 megatonnes of hydrogen annually.

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