The HL-450D-P hydrogen refuelling platform can be effectively deployed to support fleet vehicle hydrogen refuelling at both 350 and 700 bar, with minimal site preparation needed.

It includes a 1,500kg cryogenic liquid storage tank and a J2601 compliant dispenser to allow for easy refuelling into a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV).

The systems have been designed to support medium and heavy-duty hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles and reduce infrastructure costs.

Expected to benefit initial fleet deployments requiring a high-performance fuelling solution at small-scale, the systems will be provided to Plug’s transit agencies and trucking fleet customers.

Plug’s CEO, Andy Marsh, claimed the product is a “prime example” of the company’s innovation in decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors like transportation.

“With minimal upfront costs, mass transit authorities, logistics companies, and retailers can now quickly pop up low-carbon hydrogen refuelling infrastructure to support their fleets,” added Marsh.

The product was made possible following Plug’s acquisition of Applied Cryo Technologies (ACT) in 2021, with the manufacturing being done at its Houston, Texas, facility.

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Just last week (February 8), Daimler Truck and Linde Engineering revealed they had jointly developed refuelling technology for subcooled liquid hydrogen (sLH2).

Unlike regular liquid hydrogen refuelling, this process uses a sLH2 pump to increase the pressure of the fuel, resulting in a refuelling time of around 10-15 minutes for a 40-tonne, 80kg heavy-duty truck.

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