Everfuel on Thursday (Jan 27) confirmed that it has received two grants valued at SEK 45m ($4.7m) for the stations that are set to be developed with OKQ8 as part of an ongoing collaboration.

Roll-out of the stations will be part of Everfuel’s goal to have up to 15 strategically positioned hydrogen refuelling facilities across Sweden by next year (2023).

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Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO of Everfuel, said, “Everfuel and our Swedish partners share the same ambition of accelerating the transition to zero-emission transport. Establishing infrastructure for safe, efficient refuelling of green hydrogen made from renewable wind and solar power will be a key contributor to delivering on that ambition.

“We are therefore very pleased with the support from The Climate Leap to establish two hydrogen stations in this ambitious region where we already have interest from several potential customers.”


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