The facility will utilise Powerhouse Energy’s unique technology which is capable of transforming plastic into hydrogen  to power homes and vehicles.

This provides a boost to two key issues in the UK, clean power generation in addition to recycling the use of plastic bottles, one of the most prominent environmental polluters around the world.

Peel NRE, developers of the plastic park, is now seeking planning approval for a number of further facilities which could provide further capacity for up to 367,000 tonnes of mixed recyclables and plastic.

Included within this planning application is a hydrogen refuelling station which will supply 1000kg of hydrogen per day to vehicles.

The application will now be considered by Cheshire West and Chester Council with a decision expected in early 2022.

Richard Barker, Development Director at Peel NRE, said, “As our pre-application consultation showed, the issue of plastic waste is high up the agenda. By clustering various treatment technologies together in one place, we can maximise the amount of plastic that can be recycled and create a circular economy in the North West.

“Over time, the flow of materials between the different facilities means vehicle movements will reduce and we will use any plastic that can’t be recycled to create hydrogen which can be used as a clean fuel for HGV’s, buses and cars.”

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