SGP BioEnergy on Tuesday (October 11) announced its anticipated Biofineria Ciudad Dorada (Golden City Biorefinery), in Colon and Balboa, Panama would broaden its focus to also produce green hydrogen.

SGP says it has worked with Topsoe to incorporate its HydroFlex™ and H2 Bridge™ technologies to produce green hydrogen from the waste carbon and renewable fuels by-products produced during the refining process.

H2 View understands the HydroFlex technology utilises biofuel feedstocks such as soya, camelina, canola/rapeseed, and hazelnut and refining them into biofuels. The H2 Bridge technology captures waste propane and carbon off gas from the refining process, converts them into green hydrogen, which will be used to power facility operations.

Randy Delbert Letang, CEO of SGP BioEnergy, said, “This facility is truly a model of the future of the energy transition. We will not only produce the fuel that will decarbonise transportation but do so in a way that is also decarbonising the manufacturing process itself.

“It is the first time both advanced biofuels and green hydrogen will be produced together at this scale, and we are excited to be bringing this innovation to Panama.”

Henrik Rasmussen, Managing Director, the Americas at Topsoe, added, “We have seen great success with the HydroFlex™ and H2 Bridge™ technologies in renewable fuels applications for other plants.

“We are excited to bring these proven technologies together for what will be the largest renewable fuels plant in South America to not only produce a product that decarbonises transportation but to produce it in a way that decarbonises the manufacturing process as well.  It is a true model for a low carbon energy future.”

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