Addressing the sanctions and the Russian invasion, Leyen said, “Our investments today will make us more independent tomorrow. I am thinking, first and foremost, about our energy security. We simply cannot rely so much on a supplier that explicitly threatens us.

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“This is why we reached out to other global suppliers. And they responded. Norway is stepping up. In January, we had a record supply of LNG gas. We are building new LNG terminals and working on interconnectors. But in the long run, it is our switch to renewables and hydrogen that will make us truly independent.

“We have to accelerate the green transition. Because every kilowatt-hour of electricity Europe generates from solar, wind, hydropower or biomass reduces our dependency on Russian gas and other energy sources.

“This is a strategic investment. And my Honourable Members, this is a strategic investment, because on top, less dependency on Russian gas and other fossil fuel sources also means less money for the Kremlin’s war chest. This is also a truth.”

By transitioning to both renewable and hydrogen energy, Europe could break free of the reliance it has on Russia with its natural gas pipeline and thus isolate the country from the rest of Europe.

With the commitment and urgent message Leyen discussed in this speech, it could spur on financial investment in the sector and support the growing renewable and hydrogen sector in Europe.

For Europe to be truly free of Russia gas import reliance, renewable and hydrogen energy present a unique opportunity to achieve this.


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