It’s an increasingly exciting time for hydrogen and its many stakeholders and innovators. Green transitions around the world are speeding up, governments and industry are working hard to incorporate greater volumes of renewables into their energy mix, and hydrogen applications and deployment continue to proliferate.

While only 10% have reached final investment decision (FID) status, a huge 680 large-scale hydrogen project proposals worth around $240bn have been put forward, according to the newly released Hydrogen Insights 2022 report from the Hydrogen Council and McKinsey, unveiled just last month (September).

Green hydrogen only continues to be identified as the critical enabler of the energy transition, with forecasts that up to one-quarter of the world’s future energy needs will be met by this molecule. What better time to sit down with one of those technology disruptors at the heart of this transition, Australia-based LAVO. “Without hydrogen,” enthuses CEO and Executive Director Alan Yu, “there is no Net Zero future.”

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