Electrolysis systems will be installed by Octopus in order to generate green hydrogen with compression and mobile hydrogen storage capabilities also set to be coupled with the production projects.

These will receive renewable energy primarily supplied by BayWa r.e. solar and wind projects across the UK.

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Octopus Energy to produce 389kg of green hydrogen per day using Green Hydrogen Systems electrolysers

With the expansion of its hydrogen production portfolio, Octopus Hydrogen is extending its reach into the hydrogen market and will look to optimise the production sites with an innovative new software.

The software will enable the optimisation of electrolyser usage helping to balance the grid and drive the efficiency of the unique technology.

Will Rowe, Founder and CEO of Octopus Hydrogen, said, “We want to develop and establish a decentralised model for green hydrogen production. Our partnership with BayWa r.e. plays an important role by providing excellent renewable sites and the opportunity to share expertise.

“Collaboration helps to unlock the potential of the green hydrogen market in the UK and beyond.”

Stefan Tait, Head of Energy Storage & Hydrogen UK at BayWa r.e., said, “BayWa r.e. and Octopus Hydrogen share a commitment to delivering net zero, and green hydrogen has a significant role to play in our collective journey.

“Our partnership with Octopus builds on the innovative work we are already doing across Europe in producing green hydrogen from renewable energy, and we look forward to jointly deploying these concepts to help meet the UK’s energy transition targets.”


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