Having already finalised one order for a Nuvera E-Series solution, the second unit will allow DEVINN to pair the fuel cell technology with an onsite electrolyser to produce electricity and feed it to the grid.

Having used an E-60 engine previously to power its H2BOT semi-autonomous battery electric vehicle charging unit, the recent purchase will be installed into DEVINN’s H2BASE generator.

As hydrogen production capacity increases in Europe, Nuvera’s Sales and Business Development Leader in Europe, Santiago Bresani, claimed this project will be a “key milestone” for the emission-free on-site power generation market.

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“This latest order for Nuvera’s fuel cell engine exemplified our sustained trust relationship with DEVINN and solidifies Nuvera’s strategy to deploy our proven technology through partnerships with experiences integrators across various applications,” Bresani added.

Nuvera’s solutions were used by DEVINN in 2022, powering the H2BOT system which successful transferred over 6MWh of electrical energy to electric vehicles (EVs) in 2023.

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Earlier this year, Nuvera signed a formal technology agreement with HELINOR Energy, with plans to develop scalable hydrogen-powered energy solutions for maritime applications.

Nuvera has stated the E-Series fuel cell engines can enable vessel and maritime equipment manufacturers to meet emission mandates and are designed to support customers with regulatory compliance.

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