This is a key development for the Norwegian hydrogen economy with the nation now set to showcase the potential hydrogen has within the vast maritime industry whilst also increasing demand for the clean energy carrier.

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Hydrogen ferries could be an entry point for hydrogen technology within the maritime industry especially in Norway and could help integrate the clean energy carrier into further maritime projects around the world.

The route will run from 2025 to 2040 with existing ferries delivered in 209212 set to be upgraded to run on hydrogen.

Torkild Torkildsen, CEO of Torghatten Nord, said, “I am proud that Torghatten Nord will develop and operate hydrogen ferries on Norway’s longest and most weather exposed ferry route.

“We are now given responsibility for a world-class climate project that opens up concrete and exciting opportunities for green sea transport globally, new industry in Norway and local business.

“But everything we do from groundbreaking work must be based on safety, operational stability and good travel comfort for our passengers.

“This also provides significant opportunities for the shipyard and equipment industry to participate in the development of expertise in the use of hydrogen as an energy source.

“For tourism, the hydrogen ferries will also be a unique opportunity to take the tourism investment and the international brand Lofoten a step further.”

Hexagon Purus’ expansion of hydrogen into maritime applications, CEO Morten Holum reveals all

“The maritime industry is looking for a solution for decarbonisation, and with the exposure we have had in this sector, we think we can provide those solutions with hydrogen.” Those were the words of Morten Holum, CEO of Hexagon Purus, when he recently sat down to tell H2 View about the company’s new hydrogen maritime division, Hexagon Purus Maritime.

The establishment of Hexagon Purus Maritime will see the group’s zero-emission hydrogen technology be applied to the maritime industry, with Norway being the initial focal point from the onset. This is due to the nation having some of the strongest maritime technology industries in the world.

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