Under a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the companies will investigate Brazilian opportunities for a green hydrogen production project to enable approximately five million tonnes of green steel through direct iron production in a plant owned by H2 Green Steel.

Additionally, the partners have said they will explore the potential for a large-scale green hydrogen production facility in the Nordics. In pursuit of its goals, the companies will collaborate on design requirements, standardisation, and optimisation of hydrogen production, storage, and utilisation.

H2 View understands, by investing in hydrogen production, H2 Green Steel and Hydro Havrand aim to cut emissions in industrial processes and create sustainable jobs.

Kasja Ryttberg-Wallgren, Executive Vice-President and Head of Business Unit Hydrogen at H2 Green Steel, said, “With this partnership H2 Green Steel takes an even clearer direction into the green hydrogen economy.

“When we choose partners to work with, we go to companies that share our values and that truly want to take action to transform hard-to-abate industries. We find that in Hydro Havrand and we complement each other’s competences and capacities.”

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Per Christian Eriksen, Head of Hydro Havrand, added, “For the hard-to-abate sectors, green hydrogen is key to reach Net Zero.

“This partnership is built on our companies’ complimentary capabilities in green hydrogen and combine Hydro Havrand’s industrial and energy expertise with H2 Green Steel’s capabilities in the decarbonisation of the steel industry. This demonstrates our resolve to decarbonise hard-to-abate industry through strong industrial partnerships.”

Norwegian energy and aluminium company, Hydro, in October 2021, launched Hydro Havrand as it branched into the green hydrogen market.

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