This is according to the company and could be a vital technology and innovation in unlocking cost-competitive green hydrogen generation and support the green revolution.

The latest results from NewHydrogen’s sponsored research at UCLA show significant progress toward the goal of producing low-cost green hydrogen by replacing or drastically reducing the use of precious metals in electrolysers.

Electrolysers, the heart of green hydrogen generators, currently rely on expensive rare materials such as iridium and platinum.

The Company is focused on developing electrolyser catalysts that are cheaper and better.

Dr. David Lee, CEO of NewHydrogen, said, “The high durability over prolonged usage as well as its superior catalytic ability over the commercial platinum-based HER catalysts makes our catalyst an ideal drop-in replacement for platinum in alkaline hydrogen electrolysers, and more importantly, in the anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolysers in the future.

“Not only is our HER catalyst raw material less expensive than platinum, our single-atom catalyst performs better than platinum.”

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