The tool developed by the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) is set to be handed out to operators with oil and gas fields six years from cessation of production to identify kit that could be repurposed for hydrogen or CCS.

It is hoped the tool could be instrumental in multibillion-pound savings across hydrogen and CCS scale up, by cutting back the need to construct new equipment.

The NTSA has said its initial analysis has identified more than 100 pipelines that could be suitable for hydrogen and CCS projects, could generate savings of £7bn ($8.6bn)

The NSTA is set to hand the tool out to 20 companies operating across 120 fields which are nearly or have reached the end of their lives.

H2 View understands the NSTA will then review the company’s submissions, cross check against its own data, and work with operators to explore opportunities and help overcome barriers that face repurposing.

Pauline Innes, Head of Decommissioning at the NSTA, said, “The NSTA is committed to supporting industry in embracing decommissioning and repurposing as vital tools in driving the UK’s energy transition.

“Repurposing makes sound business sense from a cost perspective, and it’s also good from an environmental point of view, helping operators fulfil their North Sea Transition Deal pledges to lower emissions and guide the country to Net Zero.”


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