Representing around 1,000 projects and a total cost of $12bn, the results showcase the surge in popularity for hydrogen and how the production of the clean energy carrier will continue to grow in the coming years.

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In addition to this, the results also symbolise Nel’s commanding role in the hydrogen market and how it continues to carry its momentum to ensure it is at the forefront of the global hydrogen economy.

This is being achieved with electrolyser production at Herøya, Norway, the world´s first and largest fully automated electrolyser manufacturing facility, Nel has said​.

The plant is finished and is running production at three shifts with new production records every week​.

The company has initiated a site selection process for a large PEM and alkaline facility in the US​, with an ambition to develop a global production capacity towards 2025 in the US, Europe and Asia.

Jon André Løkke, CEO of Nel ASA, said, “The projects are getting significantly larger, the customers will be more diversified, and the geographical market will broaden.

“Nel has scaled up to be ready to accommodate this unprecedented pipeline and is effectively addressing all growth segments with over 90 own employees developing the pipeline from leads to execution.

“We have scalable solutions providing high quality and lower costs, are a technology leader on both alkaline and PEM, and have a product portfolio spanning from two, 20, 200 and 800 MW hydrogen plants.

“With our leading technology and capacity expansion capabilities, we are preparing to build production facilities in the US, Europe and Asia totalling about 10 GW in 2025, pending the market demand.

“With the record-high pipeline and our leadership position within hydrogen technologies, we are well-positioned to be awarded significant contracts in 2022 and we reiterate our strong long-term outlook.”

Key to unlocking the potential of renewables: Hydrogen, electrolysis and a greener future

“The first quarter marks the start of an important year for the Nel and the industry, as we are moving from ambition to deliveries…”

Those were the words of Nel Hydrogen CEO Jon André Løkke, as he presented the company’s first quarter 2021 financials and set the scene for its bold objectives going forward. It’s a statement that arguably best describes the state and intent of the wider hydrogen movement itself today – moving from ambition to deliverables.

A key target of that transition to deliverables, and cited by Nel in its quarterly report, is the cost of green hydrogen. For Nel, that target is green hydrogen at $1.50/kg by 2025. Key to that, and to cost-competitiveness across the green hydrogen landscape as a whole, is the expansion of electrolyser infrastructure and production – our theme this month at H2 View.

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