Under the statement, MHI is looking to collaborate with the Australian state, by proposing solutions incorporating its products, technologies, and services.

H2 View understands the Japanese company is proposing solutions for growing a globally competitive hydrogen export sector by developing an export strategy and strategic partnerships; fostering advances in new technologies and industrial opportunities; projects to accelerate decarbonisation of large-scale industry; and developing domestic markets by establishing a hydrogen ecosystem.

By contributing to the development of a hydrogen value chain and the acceleration of industrial decarbonisation in South Australia, MHI says it is hoping to assist in driving the state’s economic development and realising a sustainable society.

Peter Malinauskas MP, Premier of South Australia, commented, “This Statement of Cooperation is a commitment from the State Government and industry partners to work together to accelerate the development of South Australia’s hydrogen economy. South Australia is open for business, and we are ambitious about hydrogen.”

The cooperation follows on from the South Australia Government’s announcement that it intends on developing new hydrogen legislation to license and regulate the production of hydrogen in the state.

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