H2 View understands the stations will be located along major motorways, offering a vital component to expand hydrogen mobility for trucks, while promoting the use of emissions-free transport in Sweden.

As part of the cooperation, Swedish service station chain for truck, Rasta will build 23 of the 24 hydrogen stations at its locations.

The cooperation is being financed by investments from Qarlbo and Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Leap programme which looks to support local and regional initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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Maximator has said it has already started production of the 24 stations, with plans to deliver the first system in the autumn of 2023, with all remaining stations expected to be delivered by the end of 2025.

The company has said the systems will be equipped with the latest and highest efficiency compressor generation technology, dubbed, MAX Compression 2.0, which it says can offer fuelling to fuel cell or hydrogen combustion vehicles at high pressure.

Commenting on the contract, Mathias Kurras, Managing Director of Maximator Hydrogen, said, “Our top priority is to actively shape the mobility revolution by providing the necessary infrastructure. So, we are excited to have REH2 as a partner. Together, we intend to promote and further expand sustainable and low-emission transport routes in Sweden.”

Maximator: Hydrogen at speed and scale

Maximator GmbH is part of the German-based Schmidt Kranz Group, a family-owned business which has evolved through four generations from building tractors to the manufacture of state-of-the-art hydrogen fuelling stations.

In its latest move to maintain the relevance of its business to the challenges that the world faces today and secure ongoing market leadership, the company has created a new Hydrogen Division within Maximator. Naturally, a new Division Head has also been appointed; Mathias Kurras spoke with H2 View to discuss the rapidly evolving hydrogen mobility scene and technological innovations related to hydrogen fuelling stations, in a special company profile…

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