With the recent Government announcement to boost investment in the clean hydrogen industrial hubs programme, Lion Energy will focus its initial efforts on the production and delivery of green hydrogen for the domestic heavy mobility market in Australia.

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The group is also said to be close to completing stage two of its work in the hydrogen strategy as Lion Energy undertook a successful assessment of a 2,000kg per day generic hydrogen production and refuelling facility.

The objective of this assessment was to identify the potential business case for further investment in a hydrogen production plant in Australia.

With this successful assessment, the group will now undertake a second phase qualitative and quantitative review of the modular hydrogen compression, storage and dispenser offers that have been received by various vendors.

Tom Soulsby, Executive Chairman of Lion Energy, said, “We are very pleased by the government’s response to the opportunity that hydrogen represents for Australia.

“These announcements demonstrate that hydrogen is increasingly viewed as an essential component of a decarbonised world and reinforces Lion’s decision to investigate becoming an early domestic producer and distributor of green hydrogen as outlined in our earlier market releases.”

“The heavy mobility sector is ripe for adopting hydrogen as a solution for zero-emission targets. For the bus industry in particular, some states have ambitious targets, with a requirement for all new public transport bus purchases to be zero-emission by 2025.

“Hydrogen buses are already commercially available, but the refuelling infrastructure is still missing. Lion is focussed on the potential for filling the gap, initially in Queensland and eventually across Australia.”

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