H2 View understands Levidian will deploy its LOOP10 system which uses a low-temperature, low-pressure process to crack methane into hydrogen and carbon, without the need for catalysts and additives.

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According to the companies, demonstration system will feature integrated hydrogen separation technology, which will see the clean fuel used for R&D projects for hydrogen technology innovation across all sectors in the UK, while Eco Group will look to distribute graphene as well as focus on R&D applications for the use of graphene.

Following the initial deployment, Levidian says it has committed to working with clients and partners to deploy more than 60 large LOOP1000 units across Scotland and beyond over the next five years. The company says a single LOOP1000 unit can cut up to 2,400 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent annually.

The project has received the backing of business and community development agency, South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE), with a grant of £331,000 ($392,746).

Eddie Black, Managing Director of Eco Group, commented, “Our partnership has the potential to transform our region and to lead in decarbonisation. This technology will not only create green jobs, it will also demonstrate to industry leaders the opportunities to decarbonise their organisations and sectors while leading the way on innovation, in addition to making positive impacts on Net Zero aspirations through carbon reduction, new technology deployment and more sustainable materials.”

In August (2022), Levidian and United Utilities announced they were set to received £212,000 of UK Government funding to utilise biogas from wastewater treatment as a feedstock to produce hydrogen and graphene through the Levedian LOOP process.

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John Hartley, CEO of Levidian, said, “Levidian’s agreement with Eco Group will see our first LOOP with fully integrated hydrogen separation deployed in Scotland.

“LOOP will be a powerful tool for industrial decarbonisation and fits in well with Scotland’s green ambitions – we’re looking forward to working with Eco to deploy LOOPs and integrate graphene to help us drive towards Net Zero.”


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