H2 View understands, USA Truck Bodies will produce and retrofit its cabin to house L-Charge’s ‘mini power station’ which can be fuelled by hydrogen, LNG, or bio-LNG, which the company says can offer super-fast charging for EVs, seeing charges boosted from 0% to 80% within 15-25 minutes.

L-Charge has said it hopes its move into the Californian market will help combat power supply concerns which has seen the state left vulnerable to power cuts, as well as assisting in its goals of relying entirely renewable energy by 2045.

Justin Tarr, Vice-President of Sales and Operations at L-Charge, said, “We want American EV users to feel confident that even at the moment, when charging from the power grid is more difficult, they have an alternative.

“California is an ideal place to start offering our mobile charging service. On top of this, we are planning to expand our presence in other areas of the US soon, as these problems are being experienced in almost every state across the country.”

Earlier this month (September 13), L-Charge announced it had partnered with DAX Industries to launch a manufacturing hub for its solutions in Riga, Latvia.

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