The mobile charging truck is fitted with a mini-power station that uses hydrogen, LNG or a mix of the two to produce electricity onboard and can therefore freely roam around the city, reducing the need for a power grid connection.

The solution can be called to a convenient location when needed via an app, and the company claims the truck generates up to 130kW and provides fast charging times of 0%-80% within 20 minutes.

Justin Tarr, Vice-President of Sales and Operations at L-Charge, said, “We have started with clean fuels that are easily accessible in the market and intend to develop hydrogen fuelled systems as soon as green hydrogen is produced at scale and readily available.

“We are striving to minimise carbon emissions generated from the transport segment and are willing to remove the main obstacles, critical to the proliferation of electric vehicles.”

The UK-based company announced last year the EV charging solution will be manufactured in Riga, Latvia.

By locating its manufacturing capacity in Europe, L-Charge and its partner, DAX Industries, aim to leverage on the European common market and Riga’s maritime export capabilities

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L-Charge’s award came under the Cleantech category, which recognises innovative energy solutions that are advancing a multi-directional electric grid and bridging the gap between traditional energy systems and future systems.


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