Dubbed GreenH Electrolysis, the joint venture will engage in manufacturing electrolysers and the development of green hydrogen plants based on off-take agreements.

H2 View understands the Indian-based joint venture will kickstart with the deployment of an electrolyser production plant with an initial capacity of 100MW with plans to escalate to a gigafactory, which it expects to break ground on in early 2023.

Although beginning with a primary focus on the Indian market, GreenH has said it has a view to extend its activities into other countries in Asia.

Coming little over a year after the unveiling of India’s hydrogen strategy, the joint venture hopes its operations in the country will contribute to meeting the ambitious goal of boasting a green hydrogen generation capacity of five million tonnes a year by 2030.

Florencio Ferrera, CEO of H2B2, and Co-Director of GreenH, said, “This announcement is in line with H2B2’s objective to be present in the promising Indian Green Hydrogen market. We will work together to drive the growth of India’s hydrogen production capabilities thanks to our proven specialisation in electrolysers and hydrogen technology.”

Ashwin Agarwal, Director of G R Infraprojects and Co-Director of GreenH, added, “As the hydrogen momentum accelerates in India, it is becoming increasingly key for our economy to put an active and strong focus on the multiple pathways hydrogen opens up on the road to achieve Net Zero emissions goals.”


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