In its initial phase, the plant is expected to produce 1,500 tonnes of hydrogen and 55,000 tonnes of ethanol each year, with ambitions to grow capacity up to 20,000 tonnes of hydrogen annually as demand increases.

H2 View understands, NextChem’s technology, developed by its subsidiary MyRechemical will process 200,000 tonnes of non-recyclable solid waste as year as raw material, which also helps optimise the waste treatment cycle in Rome, Italy.

Maire Tecnimont says the project sets up the Hydrogen Valley in Rome, which will come as the ‘first’ industrial-scale hub for the develop of an Italian national supply chain for the production, transport, storage, and use of hydrogen for the decarbonisation of industrial processes and mobility.

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It is hoped the IPCEI grant, supported by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, will allow Maire Tecnimont’s industrial model to become a best practice for global waste-to-hydrogen production.

Alessandro Berini, CEO of Maire Tecnimont and NextChem, said,  “We are proud of the goal achieved by Maire Tecnimont Group with NextChem, and of the recognition of the industrial and technological skills of our Country by the European Union to develop a low-carbon and low-cost hydrogen economy.

“This project, which is unique in the world, represents a milestone in the development of technologies combining circular economy and green chemistry. It enables us to act as pioneers in the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate industries, with a model that can be replicated in other countries.”

On Wednesday (September 22), the European Commission approved up to €5.2bn of public support for the IPCEI Hy2Use project, which will see funding made available for 35 projects by 29 companies active in 13 EU member states, to support the development of the hydrogen value chain.

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