Named, HYDRON, the eight-metre bus uses Rampini’s battery-electric bus model with modifications to incorporate 10.8kg of hydrogen fuel storage and a Loop S300 30kW fuel cell engine, offering a range of 450km.

Having stepped away from producing diesel buses in 2018, Rampini’s hydrogen-powered offering hopes to provide its customers with a zero-emission alternative with a significantly extended range, by comparison to battery-electric variants.

The Rampini bus deepens expands Loop Energy’s reach in the hydrogen-electric bus sector, following on from the launch of Mobility & Innovation’s platform in March (2022), and a collaboration with the Australian-based Aluminium Revolutionary Chassis Company (ARCC), in June (2022).

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Ben Nyland, President and CEO of Loop Energy, commented, “Rampini is leading the way with their commitment to transition away from diesel and deliver an electric vehicle product line. The launch of yet another hydrogen-electric bus by experienced manufacturers is a strong indicator of the growing demand worldwide.

“I was fortunate to tour Rampini’s production centre in Umbria, Italy, and I am extremely impressed by their commitment and capacity to manufacture high-performing electric buses to meet the rapidly growing needs of Italian fleet operators.”

Fabio Magnoni, General Manager of Rampini, added, “We are very grateful for Loop Energy’s support at the Next Mobility Exhibition and contribution to the launch of our HYDRON bus.

“A few years ago, we decided to focus on electric buses instead of diesel and the interest from customers around Europe has been exceptional. To offer a hydrogen-electric bus means we can deliver fleet operators a reliable and economical zero-emissions solution.”

Loop Energy CEO discusses new tech, the company’s evolution, and hopes for the future

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On Monday (September 19), Loop Energy unveiled its ‘landmark’ 120kW fuel cell system which it believes is set to be a game-changer for hydrogen-powered mobility.

Ahead of its launch at IAA Transportation 2022 in Hanover, Germany, H2 View spoke with Ben Nyland, President and CEO of Loop Energy to learn more about the new technology, the company’s path to a leadership position in the sector, and what lies ahead in its future.

H2 View (H2V): Thank you for taking the time to speak to H2 View today. To kick things off, for the benefit of our readers, could you tell us more about Loop Energy, its origins and activities, in your own words?

Ben Nyland (BN): Like most overnight success stories, Loop has got some history behind it. The company was founded in the year 2000 in a city just outside of Vancouver, by a founder who was motivated to do something about the pollution that he was seeing in the Vancouver area. He decided to start a fuel cell company…

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