The Blue Origin flight, aborted shortly after lift-off due to a booster anomaly, was the ‘first’ launch of a fully integrated hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell power system aboard a space-capable vehicle since the retirement of the space shuttle in 2011.

William Smith, founder and CEO of Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, commented, “Despite the anomaly, we are pleased with the initial data and look forward to further analysis.”

Infinity’s AMPES system is a scalable, modular system, utilising its non-flow through, air independent fuel cell technology, which the company says could be used to power landers, rovers, surface equipment, and habitats on the moon or mars.

In April (2022), Infinity said it was set to continue with its NASA testing aimed at integrating lunar regenerative hydrogen fuel cell system to power moon bases, building off more than 15 years of NASA support.

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