As part of this, the company has said it is beginning to develop a commercial product, where it is working on a design which would enable a UUV to run underwater missions for up to 70 days.

Currently searching for new commercial and government markets to deploy its fuel cell technology to UUVs, Infinity says its technology would eliminate major expenses seen with fossil fuel-powered boats which are required to frequently resurface for refuelling.

William Smith, CEO of Infinity, said, “A dock-launched UUV powered by Infinity’s patented air-independent hydrogen fuel cell has the potential to save its commercial sponsor hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single mission, potentially paying for itself on its first use. we are uniquely positioned to capture this market.”

The announcement to begin developing a commercial project comes after Infinity’s technology advancements over several years, with funding from US Office of Naval Research.

Additionally, Infinity has received funding from both NASA and Axiom Space with hopes of introducing electrolyser and independent fuel cells for space applications.

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