The new plant will support the assembly and testing of hydrogen fuel cell modules based on Plug Power’s technology.

To achieve this, the company will integrate a 1MW electrolyser to supply hydrogen to the plant allowing for further testing of hydrogen fuel cells whilst also operating with hydrogen-powered forklifts.

In doing so these can be optimised with larger quantities of the modules entering the market whilst additionally collecting further data to enable innovation with the technology.

As well as this, Hyvia will also begin assembly of hydrogen refuelling stations and the production of low-carbon hydrogen to support the growing hydrogen ecosystem.

David Holderbach, CEO of Hyvia, said, “Since its creation on June 3, 2021, HYVIA is moving fast. Our plant represents a major human, technological and industrial challenge.

“It is a fantastic illustration of our unique joint venture: we join the expertise of Renault Group, a dominant player in the automotive industry, and Plug Power, a world leader in turnkey hydrogen and fuel cell solutions.”

Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group, said, “Hyvia plant is part of the Re-energy pilar of our strategic Refactory plant in Flins. Its ramp up embodies Renault Group’s strong ambitions in H2 mobility, complementary to electric mobility.

“It will contribute to increase local integration, creating value in France and Europe.”

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