The company will become a key player in the hydrogen supply chain with Glovis hoping to take advantage of its vast supply chain management (SCM) company which will play a key role in hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and supply.

This will help optimise services and develop the most effective hydrogen value chain.

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Hyundai Glovis has also stated that it intends to increase the number of hydrogen shipping centres to nine by 20230 by continuously expanding its hydrogen distribution and infrastructure operation business.

In doing so, it is expected that this will help supply more than 360 charging stations nationwide.

Glovis is also looking to support the storage and transportation of liquid hydrogen and aims to enter this production and distribution market in 2024 by establishing cooperative relationships with global hydrogen specialists.

In doing so it is believed that hydrogen could become a more cost-competitive energy source with the supply chain becoming more prominent in the near future.

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