Central to the company’s aerospace ambitions is its SPARTAN fifth generation scramjet engine which recently demonstrated in a hypersonic shock tunnel that it can accelerate up to ten times the speed of sound in real life flight conditions.

The SPARTAN is a composite, self-igniting re-usable scramjet engine powered by green hydrogen and will be used to power a re-usable satellite launch system, delivering payloads to lower earth orbit (LEO) in an environmentally sustainable way.

With this new funding, Hypersonix Launch Systems will use it to support its DART AE Multi-mission Hypersonic Drone Technology Demonstrator using Additive Engineering.

According to David Waterhouse, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Hypersonix, said, “With Hypersonix Launch Systems being awarded this major grant, the Hypersonix team is ‘over the moon’ and the MMI grant will provide a catalyst to our growth in Australia and ability to grow Australia’s export market in this key area of Aerospace technology.”

Michael Smart, CTO, Head of R&D and Co-Founder of Hypersonix, said, “The team is extremely proud that our MMI grant application for the build and launch of DART AE has been successful.

“It gives us the necessary funding to quickly progress our core scramjet technology that has been fully developed in Australia.”

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