According to the Scandinavian hydrogen refuelling station provider, the sales of hydrogen fuel for private cars and taxis have more than doubled since the turn of year, seeing queues forming at the station.

H2 View understands Hynion recently improved the Høvik station’s capacity with the installation of a new, more powerful compressor. In January 2020, Hynion, Hyundai and Toyota signed an agreement to expand the capacity at the station to be able to fuel 25-30 cars.

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“The substantial improvement in capacity helps an ever-increasing taxi fleet to improve the flow in fuelling and driving,” said Ulf Hafseld, CEO of Hynion. “The number of stations in the region is few, and the customers must be able to fill up their cars with hydrogen around the clock. Høvik station meets the increased demand by offering two separate filling lines of high capacity. The new compressor ensures uptime close to 100%.”

Hafseld added, “In addition, the supply of hydrogen comes in daily. However, we see a need to further secure hydrogen deliveries. Therefore, we will install an electrolyser at the station to produce hydrogen locally. This ensures two different supply sources and paves the way for a further expansion of hydrogen taxi fleets.”

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