Hynion’s plan was approved by the Rescue Service in Gothenburg and has today (December 12) opened for trial refuelling, officially opening on December 20, 2022.

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The station is hoped to provide better mobility of hydrogen vehicles in Scandinavia, with plans to establish a second station in the city as part of the GREATER4H project, part financed by the EU.

The EU programme, Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Alternative Fuels Infrastructure (AFIF) has provided the funding, making it possible to scrap diesel trucks and allow for hydrogen-driven vehicles to refuel.

The second station is expected to be ready in 2024, being built to serve the Hamburg to Oslo route, along with other stations being planned across all Northern Europe, in a bid to shift from diesel to hydrogen from 2025.

Hynion also have upcoming stations in Västerås, Jönkøping and Malmö, along with the reopening of the station in Porsgrunn, Norway.

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Ulf Hafself, CEO of Hynion, said, “with hynion’s stations in Oslo, Stockhold and Sandviken, cars with a range of 600km+ will immediately have a much larger radius of action.

“With Hynion’s plans to establish up to 30 stations over the next few years, hydrogen users can look forward to improved zero-emission mobility,” concluded Hafself.


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